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March 3, 2008
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Making of Hakama: the pattern by NiflheimAngel Making of Hakama: the pattern by NiflheimAngel
Ok, so here's the pattern for the hakama I'm making for my friend who cosplays as Kenshin. These patterns are made based on his aikido hakama, so if you're going to use these, you have to change the measures, so that the hakama will fit on you.

Here's what those letters mean:

A) The widht of the hem (half of it, the back piece is exactly as wide as the front). In my friend's hakama it was 71 cm, so the total widht of the hem in one leg is 142cm.

B) Is the lenght of hight between the hem and the crotch. Remember there's so seam in there, just a fold when cutting the fabric.

C) The hight between the hem and the triangular opening.

D) The total hight of the piece. Remember, back piece isn't straight. It's rising a little towards the middle. If you cut it flat with the front, the hakama (or any other pants) won't sit straight when their on. In the pattern I added 5 cm towards the middle, so if it needs changing during the first trying, it can be modified. Having extra fabric is never a bad thing.

EDIT!! E) After recheking the pattern I discovered that 5 cm is too much, so you only need 1-2cm. But remember to fit the pattern on you and make the needed changes.

F) The depth of the triangular piece. in this hakama it was 25 cm, but it should be modified according to the person.

EDIT EDIT!!! G) The tie. I finally have the measures for the ties! the front piece is 350cm times 4cm and the back is 190cm times 4cm.

H) The back piece. The widht of this is the same as the both back pieces, when their pleated and sewn together. The hight of this was on my friend 9,5 cm, but this can be modified if it feels too high.

If you have guestions or there's something you want me to explain better, please ask. I'll happily answer your guestions.
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AlternitiveUniverse Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
i might read through this and see if i understand it better
It's a very old pattern, and the instructions aren't the best. I've been thinking of making and updated version of this, but stuff has gotten in the way and I haven't been able to make it.
AlternitiveUniverse Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
let me know when u do please :D
I think it's amazing you have kept up to date replying to comments, you're an amazingly helpful person it seems. Also, do you know how to adjust the measurements based on core measurements such as height and bust etc.. like is there a sizing guide for what size each piece should be cut for different body sizes? I am really bad at doing my own measurements, probably because I am a teenage guy, and I want it to fit well because I plan on using it, slightly modified to cosplay as Kurosaki ichigo. Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you :D
I'm sorry I have not been able to answer you earlier. Folkwear has a pretty good hakama pattern with notes on how to get a good hakama to your size. I've used this pattern successfully and was pleased with the results. Here's a link: [link]

I could also calculate you the pattern size and the pleats of the hakama (drafting you a small, quick pattern). If you want this, PM me your waist measurement and the lenght of the hakama (waist-ankle measurement) and I'll PM you back after drafting. I have to warn you, that this might take to the weekend before I can do this as I'm currently rather busy during the week.
misfortune121 May 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Whats part H made of? i have a navi-blue hakama but i want to make a black one and part h confuses me. on the one i bought its hard but still flexible.
I have never found a good material to use, but my aikido sensei said that she has inserted a piece cut from a car's mud flap when her's broke. She says it's a little softer than the original but it works.

You should be able to find mud flaps at gas stations and car supply stores.

Hope this helps!
misfortune121 Jun 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Thank you Very much
Ayumes Mar 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Question :)
I think i don't understand f) correctly... this triangular piece shouldn't it be longer and will these be the folds? do i have to cut it with the spike?
And another:
Why is e) higher than d) and diagonal? shouldn't it be more horizontally like on the side where d) is? :0
thank you very much :)
f) is a fold. The middle one is the mountain fold.
e) is higher than d) because that is the part on the back and needs the little extra lenght to shape itself over the bum. But yes, you can also draw it horizontally and not diagonally.
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